The Perfect Set

The Perfect Set is a performance wherein the artist surfs a mechanical surfboard on a campy movie set among cameras providing live feed of close-ups of her body and amplified audio recordings of her sounds as she progresses through her cycle (tan, surf, dance). The cycle repeats 3 times, 1hr 30min.

Camera 1 is positioned above the performer and her board. The live video from this camera is projected towards the audience member seated in front of a television providing feed from Camera 2. 

Camera 2 is strapped onto the nose of the board. From this perspective only a small magnified section of the board is seen, along with awkward flashes of the surfers chest, inner thighs, and toes as she progresses through the cycle of starting a record, sun bathing, paddling out on her paper surfboard, catching a wave, and dancing in her paper bikini. The viewer in front of the television is provided with a pair of headphones in order to hear the recordings from the mics embedded in the surfboard. Through the headphones they hear the vinyl as if it is playing underwater, muffled by the sounds of rustling paper and heavy breathing of the performer. 

Photographed by Rebecca Drolen

April 2012