Symbiosis was inspired by my tango lessons in Argentina and observations of mating rat snakesstarling murmurations, and schools of silver fish. This collaborative performance featured organ music, tango, installation and costume design that highlighted the responsiveness involved in social dance and collective animal behavior.

Taking cues from systems evident in nature, this work draws parallels between human intimacy and forms of interdependence in the natural world. Relying heavily on intuition, the musician and dancers were free to create their own elements of the production, before coming together for a set of three ten minute performances. The dance was unchoreographed and the music, a loosely written tango, changed each time it was played, making each performance a unique experiment in spontaneous synchronization. 

The set and costumes were created from hand cut paper, vellum, and mirror mylar with the assistance of artist, Katrina Shoewe and Andrew Burkitt. It also featured original tango compositions by musician T.S. Woodward and performances by Frances Torres, Fuad Elhage, Christie Moody, Dorian Zevos, Maggie Malone, and A.J. Wheeler. 

March 22, 2013

Complete Unedited Audio Recording of the 1h 30m Symbiosis performance (6 dances). The organist warms up for the first 6 minutes as the audience is seated, then the dances begin intermixed with two 20 minute intermissions: Symbiosis audio.mp3