Moments of Transcendence

"Moments of Transcedence"

Installation at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

"Moments of Trascendence" is a paper sculpture that welcomes you upward from the 1st to the 3rd floor of the MAH. The sweeping forms of paper are made up of many collected moments of transcendence from young members of the Boys and Girls Club and MAH visitors at 3rd Friday: Beyond Borders event.

Incerpt from Interview at the MAH:

"The initial stages involved spreading out drawing materials and large rolls of paper for groups of people to work on side by side. Through offering space, material, and springboard questions, I wanted to create a platform for sharing these stories. I wanted people to feel comfortable and like they were part of a team when creating this piece. I also wanted there to be a balance of self-expression and anonymity present as participants wrote or illustrated their experiences on paper. I am always amazed by the events that people consider transformative. The kids at BGC wrote and drew pictures of happy times in their lives, like baby brothers and sisters being born, rollercoaster rides, learning a new skill, or moving to a new home. More often than not older participants recalled moments of struggle rather than joy. Life events that seem capable of destroying lives often end up being the most meaningful. Cancer came up a lot. I think it is empowering to find that even in the worst situations we get to be the ones to choose whether we are built up or broken down by these events. I am always shocked by the limits people surpass when faced with something that seems as insurmountable as heartbreak, cancer, the loss of a job, home, or a loved one. It is very empowering to hear these stories."

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