• Cross Country Summer: California

    Grandma's House, Tustin, CA

    Velkommen! First stop after crossing the Arizona border... Grandma's house. I have been visiting her beautiful hilltop home every summer since the day I was born. From her place you can see ocean sunsets, Catalina Island (on smog free days), and Disney's 9 p.m. fireworks every night! Oh so ready to drop off the giant paper sculpture monstrosity that I have been hauling across country (Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA > Invisible Hand Gallery, Lawrence, KS > Grandma's Living Room, Tustin, CA). In exchange for chipping in (big time) for my kickstarter project (artist residency in Argentina) I gave her this guy! Not many grandma's would be ecstatic over a 7 foot sculpture hanging in their living room, but my grams is the greatest, coolest, craziest of them all. Love you grandma!