1. Symbiosis: Artist Collab with Musician T.S. Woodward


    Symbiosis involved the collaboration and help of many of my friends, family, and fellow artists. However, I would like to give special thanks to musician T.S. Woodward for composing two original songs on organ as part of the evening's performances, six dances lasting 1 hr and 30 min! I would also like to thank Katrina Shoewe, Frances Torres, Fuad Elhage, Christie Moody, Dorian Zevos, A.J. Wheeler, Maggie Malone, Haley Peters, and Terri Peters for the time you took out of your busy schedules to make this happen!

    I have attached the unedited audio recording from the live event. It begins with a 6 minute warm up, then the first and second tango followed by an intermission. The cycle repeats 3 times.